From the town that is losing its most valuable assets - the Peele's!

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And from the town that won't know what hit it for a while...

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Web Edition for Christmas 2013

Life from the more severe stages of delerium...

Special coverage of a strangely inconsequential,
but eternally a-Peeleing family.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Yep - it's the same old perpetually imperturbable and pestilential Peele's, publishing pure rubbish for public perusal.

But this year is different! We have NEWS!
We have a new grandchild!
And we have moved!
So don't just sit there in dumbfounded awe and amazement - click something and let the Peele-pitating (say that 5 times fast and it comes out "potato-peeling"!) perusals begin!

What would we do without our friends and family? Every year the Editors are more grateful for each one of you, and especially those who make the extra effort to keep in touch with us, even though we don't do that very well ourselves. So, we try harder, or at least we tell ourselves we're trying harder. In the end, though, we always look forward to hearing from you – and thank you for wanting to keep up with us.  That’s a real blessing and an honor. We hope you enjoy catching up with us a little on this website.

If you’re travelling - we're no longer on the way to Orlando, or on the way to much of anywhere, for that matter. Eden is a beautiful small town, situated in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, north of Greensboro and almost in Virginia. Eden is home to the famous annual Charlie Poole Music Festival, Karastan Rugs, and the "Rock Church" where the Editor's father was rector for 30+ years. The Editor spent her childhood in Eden, so its more like going home than to a strange place. If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by – the door is always open, you know the coffee is always hot – and we have the novelty of more empty guest rooms than we had before!

(the Editor's favorite) Bronze sculpture at Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia, SC

See Here and Here

Weather: Always sunny in Florida, but a tad different in NC - No worries! still perfect weather for a cup of coffee with friends - if you can get here through the ice and snow...
Business: Peter Continues to Rob Paul to Pay Piper - Prints More Money to Cover Losses - R.Hood Employed to Take from Rich to Give to Poor

What's Happening Right Now!
Past Editions of the Peele Reporter
One of a kind photo albums!

Never-before published!! Amazing pictures from our spectacular world-romping vacations, scintillating family events, and all-American home-life... you know - hamburgers-on-the-grill-with-apple-pie-and-coffee... blah, blah, blah, mumble, blah, blah, hmmmm, zzzzzzzzz.........

Favorite Websites
These are all special places we either support or work with...

Faith Presbyterian Church

Lumiere Ministries

St. Paul's House

Charlie Poole Music Festival

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Everall's Music and Art - I know, but people keep asking...

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